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2013 Seminars in Crete, Greece

Join us for a fantastic seminar in
Crete! Explore Crete's cultural and
natural wonders with resident
experts. Excellent fresh and local
cuisine is always on our menu.  See
Schedule Page for details,
news from our fields and videos!
Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries

Winter News and Recipes
by Chef Nikki Rose
Greece this year. They were studying a variety
Crete: sustainable tourism and agriculture, the
culinary arts, history, anthropology, botany,
biodiversity and conservation, nutrition and
fitness, food and travel writing.

Our seminar participants met many residents in
Crete that are dedicated to protecting their
cultural and natural heritage -- botanists,
archaeologists, historians, journalists,
mountaineers, musicians, community-based
tourism directors, ecolodge owners, herbalists,
organic farmers, vintners, artisan food
producers and chefs. They discovered a little bit
about Crete’s culture and nature and enjoyed
fresh and local cuisine along the way. A
wonderful time was had by all!

We continue to stay in touch with our former
students and enjoy their reports of how they
incorporate what they learned in Crete into their
lives and work. The updates and exchange of
information are fantastic!

     Recipe ideas from   
     Chef Nikki Rose

For those currently residing north of the
equator, now is the time to upload natural
cold remedies and Vitamin C.

Natural Vitamin C Now:  Ideal flavor
combinations using Vitamin C-packed food to
help keep your strength during flu season.
Frozen fruit smoothies are an easy choice, in
addition to simply steamed vegetables
seasoned with a little olive oil and fresh
lemon juice. Delectable and easy soups are
also on the menu this time of year. Check out
the recipes on our Recipe and Article tabs
below and in
the new book by CCS Founder,
Nikki Rose.

Treat yourself to organic herbal teas --
straight or with honey and fresh lemon juice.

Foraging for food in the winter: In search
of greens on the wild northeast! With slim
pickings in the "fresh and local" department
around town, I braised a few bunches of
rainbow chard with sautéed leeks, and a little
minced garlic and parsley. Wonderful comfort
food for this crisp weather!
Nikki Rose's Book direct from CCS

Crete: The Roots of the
Mediterranean Diet
can be
ordered online at a reduced price
through January 2013. Supplies
are limited. Proceeds benefit
Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries
Initiatives to celebrate and help
protect our heritage.
Greetings !

It's been an exciting year for
Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries