Heritage Protectors

Stories from people in Crete, Greece striving to protect their cultural, natural and agricultural heritage,
which is all at risk. Local messengers on global challenges and solutions

A documentary produced and directed by Nikki Rose, Founder of the award-winning
Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Educational Network.

Crete is blessed with over four thousand years of fascinating history, amazing natural beauty,
and healthy food. There is much to discover. There is also much to protect.

Heritage Protectors is a timely documentary covering history, biodiversity,
toxicology, agroecology, music, young organic farmers, resilience and hope.

Globally, our path to resilience begins with knowledge and collaboration.

We are currently in post-production.
Stay tuned for the launch of our fundraising campaign.
Join us to complete an important project to share with the global community.