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Our tailored seminars are usually limited to 15 people.  
Advance reservations are required to secure your space.  
Let let us know which program you hope to attend.   
We will check availability and contact you as soon as possible.
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    For private tailored programs,
    academic study tours or
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    Contact Andreas Spiridakis
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    Please use the subject line:  "CCS Programs"

    Media Requests
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    Please note that due to the volume of requests we receive, we are unable to answer questions that do not pertain
    to CCS projects.

    CCS organizes educational programs to support residents working on cultural and natural heritage preservation
    programs. Our time is devoted to our own projects. CCS is not a travel agency. We do not offer free education, advice, consultancy,
    accommodation, internships, volunteerships, or supplies to anyone, regardless of their profession.  That
    would defeat the purpose of our mission to help support and sustain communities in which we live and work..
    CCS does not provide free consultancy to researchers or the media in exchange for advertising. We are happy to work with like-minded
    researchers and the media on projects specific to our work. CCS consultancy fees vary, based on the complexity of the project.

    See our Links and Articles section for more information about Responsible Travel and general advice on traveling to Crete.  

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