Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries  

Network Participants

Words do not protect cultural and natural heritage, people do.  

The CCS Network spans the isle of Crete.  Seminar attendees travel with us to different regions to meet
people with a proven track record in cultural and natural heritage preservation programs, including
sustainable organic agriculture. The network is coordinated by Nikki Rose in collaboration with many
residents working on related projects.  They receive the compensation they deserve for sharing their
expertise during seminars.  CCS seminar attendees are directly contributing to action programs that help
to preserve Crete's culture and natural beauty.  

Network Participants are:

= Shepherds and Cheese Makers
= Professional Chefs
= Traditional Home Cooks
= Traditional Taverna/Kafeneon Owners
= Sustainable Organic Farmers (wine, olive oil, produce, meats, cheese)
= Beekeepers
= Fishers
= Locally owned Ecolodges and Agrolodges
= Locally and/or farmer-owned and operated villas and apartments.  
= Resident Members of the Academic Community:  Archaeology, Botany, Nutrition & Health
= Outdoor adventure specialists who are also actively involved in conservation projects

Message from Nikki Rose:   The CCS Network is community-designed and operated, but not in the
ordinary sense found in general sustainable tourism directives.  Because these communities are so small,
and their advertising budgets are non-existent, they cannot promote their business alone as an
"agritourism destination."  CCS builds the strength in numbers communities need, through our seminars
and promotion of their work on an international scale.  As the CCS network continues to grow, so do our
spirits – knowing that our action programs make a difference.  CCS has encouraged others to create their
own programs.
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