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Celebrating Historic Food and Wine Routes
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Lecture by Professor Donald Haggis

at the Embassy of Greece
followed by dinner at Mourayo Restaurant

Washington DC
March 14, 2011
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Lecture presented by Professor Donald Haggis:

"Farming, Feasting and the Foundations of the Early Greek City:
Recent excavations at the site of Azoria, Crete"

The Azoria Project is a case study of urbanization in the Mediterranean, exploring the Early
Iron Age and Archaic town of Azoria (ca. 1200-500 B.C.). The focus of the excavation is on
ancient agricultural practices, providing new evidence for the relationship between food
procurement, processing and consumption, and the development of social and political
systems in the early Greek world.  (

Donald Haggis is Professor of Classical Archaeology and Nicholas A. Cassas Term
Professor of Greek Studies in the Department of Classics at the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill. His work focuses on Minoan, Early Iron Age, and Archaic Crete, and he has
conducted excavations and surveys on the island for the past 25 years.

Immediately following the lecture:

Ancient Flavors - Modern Palates
Dinner Celebrating Historic Food Routes of Crete
Mourayo Restaurant
1732 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington DC
8:30 - 10:30 pm

Join us for an intriguing glimpse into Crete’s culinary heritage. Enjoy a fantastic dinner
featuring ingredients cherished by residents of Crete through the ages. Our special 4-course
menu includes options such as grilled fresh sardines over eggplant puree, arugula salad
with barley and dried fruits, rabbit ragout with Cretan pasta, pork tenderloin with honey,
almond and fig sauce or fresh fish with mint and peppercorn sauce served over black beluga

Space is limited. Advance reservations are required for both events. You'll need to make
reservations separately for each event.

To RSVP for the lecture: send an email directly to the Embassy of Greece, include event date
and the names of each member of your party and email for confirmation.

To Reserve Dinner at Mourayo, contact Mourayo directly. Dinner is $65 per person, including
2 glasses of wine, tax and gratuity. Advance payment is required.
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Mourayo Reservations

    Program coordinated by Nikki Rose
    Professional Chef-Author and Founder of
    Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries. CCS is a network of teachers
    and professionals from interrelated fields organizing
    educational programs to celebrate and help protect Crete's
    heritage. Accredited study abroad programs and public
    seminars are conducted on-site: historic sites, organic farms,
    rural communities and natural parks. CCS is an award-winning
    program for best practices in sustainable travel, including
    National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations and
    the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity Success

During Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Seminars in Crete, Greece attendees explore these
sites and many others with Professor Haggis and other specialists. At the dinner table, CCS
integrates the findings at archaeological sites with traditional and modern sustainable
organic agricultural practices and cuisine. CCS programs in Crete, Greece, including
Historic Food and Wine Routes from the Minoan Period to Today, from June 6 to 14, 2011
are on our website
Schedule page.