Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries

Seminars Celebrating Biodiversity

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CCS Seminar Celebrating Biodiversity, Historic Food and Wine Routes
Crete, Greece
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A 5-day program designed for serious enthusiasts of botany, organic agriculture, culture, and cuisine.
Explore Crete's cultural and natural treasures with resident specialists. Be prepared for many
amazing learning experiences during this week-long program. Delectable fresh and local cuisine is on
the menu. Our tours, presentations and hikes are private, tailored for our small group. Space is
limited to 15 adult attendees for this very popular seminar. Advance registration is required.  

Program Highlights:

Heraklion Region historic sites, villages and mountains

Biodiversity-Botany:  Explore Crete's beautiful and wild countryside with resident experts. Discover
Crete's vast array of flora, including wild edible plants. Learn about Ecosystem Services.
Archaeology and History: Tour the Minoan Palace of Knossos, Archaeological Museum of
Heraklion, and many other historic sites with resident experts.
Agroecology, Heirloom Seed Saving, Small-Scale Organic Farming: Visit organic farmers and
heirloom seed savers; discover traditional and modern cultivation methods and community initiatives.
Olive Oil: Visit an innovative, excellent olive oil factory and grove for a private tour and tastings with
the owners-producers.
Wine:  Visit a gorgeous vineyard and award-winning winery for a private tour and tastings with the
Cultural and Culinary Heritage:  Explore tranquil villages, enjoy traditional cuisine and demos
featuring regional specialties from wild and cultivated sources.
Presentations and Demos: Agroecology, Minoan Cooking Techniques and Ingredients, Traditional
and Modern Cretan Cuisine, Herbal Medicine, and our Silk Road-Spice Route connections.

Accommodation is in lovingly restored family owned lodges with studios or apartments, some with
balconies or patios overlooking the countryside. We'll send options based on attendee lodging
requirements and lodge availability at the time of registration. Your village-base is 30 minutes away
from Heraklion airport or port.

Day 1:  Check-In to your lodge after 2:00 pm.
8:00 pm meet your CCS guide for a welcome dinner at a lovely traditional taverna in the village.
Days 2 - 5:  Intensive experiential learning program, per highlights above.
Day 6:  Travel day. Check out of rooms by noon.

Fees include 5 nights accommodation, and all scheduled transportation, meals and classes on the itinerary.
590 Euros per person, double occupancy, studio or apartment with private bath
840 Euros per person, single private studio with private bath
Note: We might also have options for parties of 4 people to share houses for the double occupancy fee.

Contact us info[at] for more information and to make reservations. Space is limited to 15 attendees.

Note:  Level of hiking is low to medium impact, depending on the day.  All attendees must enjoy walking an average of
1-3 hours a day in sometimes rocky, or steep terrain.  Schedule subject to change due to attendee interests, weather
and other unforeseen conditions.

Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Seminars are featured in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity
Stories and National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations, The International Institute of Peace Through
Tourism, among other organizations.