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Eco-Agritourism Network, is a finalist in National Geographic and
Changemakers Geotourism Challenge, “Celebrating Places, Changing

The collaborative competition aims to identify innovations in tourism that sustain,
enhance and preserve local culture and place.  Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries (CCS)
is one of 15 finalists out of 323 entries from 83 countries.  It is the only finalist from
the Mediterranean region.  Three award winners will be decided by public votes.  
Voting ends on June 11, 2008 and winners will be announced on June 17th.  Visit

“It’s a privilege to be a finalist among so many outstanding projects around the
world,” said Nikki Rose CCS Founder and Director.  “Crete’s fascinating history
spans over 4,000 years.  There is much to discover and protect.  People in the
CCS network are practicing sustainable organic farming and community-based
programs to protect their cultural and natural heritage.  They are sharing
knowledge about sustainable living and foodways that is beneficial to the global
community.  It’s up to all of us to invest in their crucial work -- public and private
entities, travel agents, the media and travelers.”  

There is an increasing amount of information about cultural and environmental
damage around the world due to mass tourism.  Communities suffer the most and
usually benefit the least.  In the drought-prone Mediterranean region, many
communities are not only losing their distinctive cultural heritage but vital natural
resources citizens need to survive.  More communities are striving for solutions on
their own by implementing preservation programs and offering visitors
extraordinary cultural experiences (commonly referred to as bona fide ecotourism
or responsible travel).  Many noteworthy community-based projects may have little
or no support from their government, other entrepreneurs or even the majority of
travelers.  But these projects are gaining recognition in the global community due
to increased awareness of the problems and the benefits of preservation work and
educational programs offered by local communities.  

Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries was formed in 1997 by Nikki Rose, a Greek American
professional chef and writer.  CCS promotes the work of over 40 locally-owned
small businesses and individuals working on cultural and natural heritage
preservation projects.  The network organizes tailored seminars for small groups
and eco-agritourism workshops.  Seasonal programs cover history, organic
farming, nature, botany and cuisine, including the production of organic wine, olive
oil, cheese, honey and other local delicacies.  Visitors have a rare opportunity to
experience Crete from an insider’s viewpoint and learn about sustainable foodways
that can enrich their quality of life.  CCS has received numerous awards for their
work from the World Tourism Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development, The
World Travel and Tourism Council, and other groups and is featured in National
Geographic publications, The New York Times, National Public Radio, Los Angeles
Times, The Guardian (UK), and manuals on ecotourism, agritourism and nutrition.

Contact:  Nikki Rose